A journey to feel the “nature”, “hot springs”, “food” and “history” of the western part of Sendai


Sakunami Forest Course

Feel the nature of Sakunami! Ride through the forest!

  • Experience the different expressions of each changing season with this course, through the forest roads and villages. The total distance of this track is not long, but it has a moderate slope where you can enjoy riding through in the filtered sunlight, all the while listening to birds singing. This area is also home to the Nikka Whisky factory and Homei Shijuhachi-taki Falls. This is a good cycling course, suitable for mountain biking.

  • Course details

    • Distance: 8.6km
    • Time Required: 約35分
    • Maximum Elevation Difference: 269m
    • Earned Elevation: 253m
    • Difficulty: Beginner

Recommended Places to Visit

  • The sound of water from waterfalls of all sizes is often referred to as the song of the legendary bird, ho-oh.

  • A beautiful valley on Hirose River. It is a breathtaking view that can be found on a national highway.

  • Cycle through the refreshing dappled lights

  • Deviate a little from the main path and a tougher road awaits you.

  • A whiskey brewery located deep in the woods. Visitors can see exhibits and try various whiskeys at the Visitors’ Center.


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