A journey to feel the “nature”, “hot springs”, “food” and “history” of the western part of Sendai

Izumi Park Town & Nenoshiroishi

Izumi Park Town & Nenoshiroishi Satoyama Course

Enjoy the scenery of one of the "Best 100 Urban Landscapes" and Sendai's old landscape.

  • This is a relaxing course featuring Izumi Park Town's beautiful townscape and Nenoshiroishi's peaceful countryside scenery. There are few slopes throughout the course, so anyone can enjoy the scenery while riding. You can visit restaurants and cafes in the early stage of the Park Town area. After the middle stage in the Nenoshiroishi area, there are historical sites related to the DATE Clan who reigned over the former Sendai Domain, and the rich nature of the forest villages including the Komyo-no-taki Falls.

  • Course details

    • Distance: 27.6km
    • Time Required: Approx. 1 hour and 50 minutes
    • Maximum Elevation Difference: 176m
    • Earned Elevation: 247m
    • Difficulty: Beginner

Recommended Places to Visit

  • You can cycle through a beautiful street in Izumi Park Town, one of the "Best 100 Urban Landscapes" in Japan.

  • Many country hills of Sendai area still remain especially in Hozawa, Nenoshiroishi Area.

  • It is fun to observe the growth of rice while walking on a road between rice fields in Hozawa.

  • Through the rice field

  • Walk on the road with the sunlight filtering through the trees and enjoy the change of seasons.

  • The breathtaking view of this waterfall cascading from over ten meters high together with the reflection of the dappled sunlight on the water surface make for a fantastic scenery.


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