A journey to feel the “nature”, “hot springs”, “food” and “history” of the western part of Sendai


Akiu Sightseeing Leisure Course

Enjoy a leisurely ride and feel the depths of Akiu. A wealth of nature, history, hot springs, and food await you.

  • Enjoy cycling around Akiu's rich natural scenery at your own pace, through shrines/temples and cafés. This course has very few slopes, so people of all fitness levels and age groups can enjoy it. After reaching the goal, you can refresh yourself in one of the hot springs that this region has to offer. For intermediate riders and above who want more of a challenge, there is an optional course through forest roads with tough uphill climbs.

  • Course details

    • Distance: 29.5km
    • Time Required: Approx. 2 hours
    • Maximum Elevation Difference: 184m
    • Earned Elevation: 386m
    • Difficulty: Beginner

Recommended Places to Visit

  • “Hayama Bridge” is a perfect cycling route if you want to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, clear streams of Natori river in summer, and red leaves in autumn.

  • Nagafukuro Main Road seemingly never ends.

  • The panoramic view from a height of approximately 50 meters is simply breathtaking.

  • A 55-meter-tall, six-meter-wide waterfall that has been selected as one of the "Best 100 Waterfalls" in Japan. Visitors can walk to its basin.

  • An arch-shaped stone bridge made back in 1939.

  • A gigantic white rock face that stands still on Natori River. One of the best green spots in Sendai.

  • A winery with a nice panoramic view of the grape garden and the hot spring village. The owner is a cyclist himself.

  • A 20-meter deep beautiful valley comprised of peculiarly-shaped rocks. Do not miss the breathtaking scenery from the top.


  • 陶芸体験教室

  • 写経道場

  • 日曜手づくり教室

  • レンタサイクル

  • ひとみ望遠鏡案内

  • フラワーアレンジメント

  • 陶芸体験

  • 納豆作り

  • 乗馬体験(ひき馬)

  • 石臼コーヒー体験

  • コマの絵付け体験

  • お箸の漆塗り体験

  • 試飲、醸造見学、植樹

  • こけしの絵付け体験

  • 糸ノコ木工体験

  • こけしの絵付け体験

  • 吹きガラス体験

  • 秋保ナイトミュージアム

  • 鉄板焼きプラン

  • 珈琲館ホールでのコンサート

  • 仙台ふららん(まち歩き)

  • 語り部 座談会

  • 万華鏡手作り体験

Other courses

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