A journey to feel the “nature”, “hot springs”, “food” and “history” of the western part of Sendai

Country hill activities that include food, hot springs and amusement, all of which are unique to Sendai.

  • Pottery Class

  • Sutra Handwriting Dojo

  • Sunday Handicraft Class

  • Rental Bicycles

  • Hitomi Telescope Guidance

  • Workshop & Market

  • Sky Adventure Kingdom

  • Activities during winter

  • Artificial Flower Arrangement

  • Pottery Class

  • Millstone Coffee

  • Chopstick Lacquering Activity

  • Kokeshi Doll Painting

  • Agricultural activity, etc

  • Wine tasting, etc

  • Kokeshi Doll Painting

  • Fret-saw Handicraft

  • Kokeshi Doll Painting

  • Akiu Night Museum

  • Teppanyaki Plan

  • A concert

  • Walk around the city of Sendai

  • Folk Tales of Akiu

  • Make your own kaleidoscope

Activity Map